Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Possibly An Exlusive? - New Dntel Anyway

So after a bit of Googlin' and Hype Machine-in' it seems that the rest of the internet is yet to notice that SubPop have posted the first track off the upcoming new Dntel record.

Dntel - Dumb Luck

The title track, indeed.

It's rather sodding nice in a very fuzzy way.

Enjoy! (Even if you have seen it somwhere else)

Friday, March 02, 2007

News and Views: If it rhymes, it works

1. The NME awards were complete rubbish. I won't go through them one at a time but I think most, quite possibly all, of them were WRONG. SORRY NME, YOU'RE STILL IRRELEVANT.

2. Stars have announced that they're getting a number of their friends to "renovate" every song on their 2004 album Set Yourself on Fire on an album called "Do You Trust Your Friends?" Why should you care? Well, it was great to begin with. And Stars count Final Fantasy, The Most Serene Republic, Minotur Shock, The Dears and The Stills amongst their friends. I am espescially looking forward to Final Fantasy tackling the stunning opener Your Ex-Lover is Dead. I am Fuel, You Are Friends has the Most Serene Republic track.

3. That one new Arctic Monkey's song is more interesting than anything I heard off the first record. I still don't care, mind. But it's an improvement. Kinda Muse-y. Scatter O' Light has the track. Oh, and it's called BRIANStorm. Sometimes I hate puns.

4. The new Arcade Fire, the Grinderman album, the new Air (which is wonderful), the new Idlewild, the new Charlotte Hatherly (I swear that was out already? Not according to Amazon) are all out Monday. I need to rob a bank this weekend or something.

And yes, if you must, the Horrors have something out. I might be able to care less but it'd be tricky.

5. Everyone stay groovy, I'll be back next week.