Sunday, December 03, 2006

Really Good Christmas Songs I

Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Sometimes) by Harvey Danger

Mid tempo seasonal indie rock in which Sean Nelson weaves a tale of working in a repertory movie house on Christmas day. Lonliness and the commercialisation of Christmas and a trippy reversed guitar solo and sleigh bells.

What more could you possibly want?

Video here

Download here

Both couresty of the brilliant Harvey Danger fansite Hardly Dangerous. More unrleased tracks and videos there


Space Monkey said...

It's making me cold...It is telling that ive never heard a happy Christmas song that ive liked. This one sums up the general drizzling disappointment of the run up to Christmas, the too-bright tinsel, the Coca-Cola Santa, the blurry gleam of shop lights and Happy People.

"My Vodka and snow is Melting/ The Alcohol isn't helping"

"They're Coming out of the weather/for Christmas alone, together"

Ahh Harvey Danger, Sophie is so-so wrong..

Anonymous said...


Miles said...

Oh go cry to Richard about Fairy Tale of New York. I don't care for it.

Anonymous said...

... Fairy... Tale... of New... York..... ;_;

FINE! SCREW YOU! All I Want For Christmas Is You! Yeah, do that one. The version by Mariah Carey. And review the video. And how awesome she is. Because THEN your theme's title WOULDN'T be complete and utter crap. ¬.¬

Also see: your FACE. Mwa.


(Go oooon. Humour me and do Fairy Tale of New York.)

Miles said...

I told you, Richard is going to, he likes it.

I very nearly deleted your comment. Youd damn well better have listened to and apreciated Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas next time I talk to you (BECAUSE I KNOW WHO YOU ARE) or I will... BE ANGRY

Anonymous said...

Oooh come ooon! You know I never listen to you anyway. ^_^ Think I'll stick to last year's Christmas classic: That's My Goal by Shane Ward. :D Wowz0r.

*sighs* If only EVERY song could have as much depth and insight into the human soul and human emotion as that song...

Miles said...

*shakes head*

Honestly. Nuclear war, kids. It's the only way.