Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So onto stuff: Pop culture.

OK so yeh, everyone knows about pop culture. What I wanna know though, is when will Latin be a viable pop culture in the UK.

I mean think about it, emo really sucks because blah blah. But think how cool Latin would be! We would be able to walk around shouting "¡Arriba!" and playing trumpets and playing salsa music (salsa music is the best set of semi common musical principles after the blues(more on that later)). And instead of wearing black, we would wear bright coloured clothes and have cool moustaches. Admit, all the girls would look way better wearing big colourful dresses instead of crappy run down or fake run down black stuff. And guys, you wouldn't have to bother with all that hair straightening crap and mascara, you could have curly hair and have moustaches that even look a bit like banditos'!

And instead of the necessary emotion being depressed and having problems 'cos abusing your hormones as an excuse is cool, you'll be really happy, and you'll do loads of things with loads of other people other than moping; like instead of playing in a crap band with three poor guitarists, you'll be playing in a full Latin band shouting "¡Aye aye aye!" as loud as you can with the other 20 percussion players, and the trumpets and the bass and the piano will all make you feel great.

Seriously everyone, if you have to be a social stereotype, be Latin. Emos tell all your friends, then you won't have to do it alone (I'll admit that could be hard). And Maracas are cheap!

Guess what music I've been listening to...
Seriously Carlos Santana is a great guy, have you ever read the album sleeve notes from some of his stuff?
And you can't tell me the Voodoo Glow Skulls aren't having fun.

So yeh, keep all that in mind, and you know which blog to forward all your emo... friends... to.

(Note: I'm not that bothered with emos, it's just I really dig how great Latin would be, and emo is the biggest group it needs to replace at the moment- it is the Hot Topic of the times. *chuckle*)

Topical sound snippet: 4 bars of salsa I recorded with a bass and midi instruments.

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